Carrie Evachevski

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Carrie Evachevski
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Birth nameCarolyn Matson
Birth date1943
Birth placeSpearfish Lake
SpouseGil Evachevski
FatherGarth Matson
MotherHelga Matson
Brandy EvachevskiFApril 1966
Danny EvachevskiM1969
Garth EvachevskiM1962
Jennifer EvachevskiF1961
Tara EvachevskiFMarch 1968

Carrie Matson is the daughter of Garth Matson and his second wife, Helga, born in 1943FK3. She has two younger brothers, Phil and Rod, a younger sister, April,FK3 and older half-brother, Frank, and half-sister Barbara, from her father's first marriage to Donna Parmeneter.

Carrie's full name of Carolyn is only mentioned once.FK3

Carrie was nine in 1953 when she told Gil Evachevski that if he'd wait for her to finish high school, she'd marry him. She kept her promise.AF3

Carrie marries Gil Evachevski straight after graduating from High School. She follows him round various army postings for 10 years before returning to Spearfish Lake. They have 5 children: Jennifer, Garth, Brandy, Tara, and Daniel (Danny),AF3 AF4 some actually born in Germany while they were posted there. "They’d lived on the economy much of that time, so Carrie had more exposure than most to the German culture, and at one time she had spoken fairly decent German; however, she’d lost much of it in the more than thirty years since she had come home to the States." SU4

Carrie works for the Spearfish Lake Record-Herald as the Social Editor, which means she covers things from engagement and wedding notices to obituaries to club meeting notices including the Spearfish Lake Women's Club. By 2004 Carrie had the highest seniority at the paper.

She and her family have been members at the West Turtle Lake Club. In 2010, she is the chairman of the board and is declares the third ever clothing required day when the firefighters come though on their way to the Birdwatcher Hill Fire.BHF23

She is a member of the board of the Donna Clark Foundation.SK37 SK38