Helga Matson

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Helga Matson
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Birth nameHelga Ingstad
SpouseGarth Matson
Carrie EvachevskiF1943
Phil MatsonM1950
Rod MatsonM1947

Helga Matson was the second wife of Colonel Garth Matson. The story of how they metWTLC2 is considered a legend. As told by Garth to his family, she was nude when they met her. "Sort of goes with the territory when you’re a nudist. Apparently a convoy made a wrong turn or something"HC8

Her maiden name was either IngstadHC8 or Inghulsen.FK3 WTLC2

As Ryan Clark heard the tale, they met during World War 2 and "Let’s just say that lightning struck Garth and Helga. They were married before the battalion shipped out to Italy, and Danny's mother was born before they made it back."HC8

Garth was already divorced from his first wife by then. Helga provided Garth with three children: Carrie, Rodney and Phil.

Helga was the driving force in founding the West Turtle Lake Club and her strict vegetarian principles was the reason why the Commons was usually vegetarian. When it wasn't, such as during the yearly Halloween Party, "Helga Matson had insisted that every dish in the building be washed three times afterward"BAR787

The introduction of her husband's best friend, Brent Clark to Ursula Mandenberg was orchestrated by Helga as Ursula had been hired to design Commons at West Turtle Lake Club and his company was building it.HC8 Perhaps Ryan Clark hadn't heard that Brent and Ursula's romance paralleled Garth and Helga's in Jersey, though their marriage was later.FK3

Helga objected but reluctantly gave in when Garth insisted the children be given the Salk vaccine when some Spearfish Lake children contracted polio in August 1955.FK19