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The Spearfish Lake Women's Club was the typical social activity for women during the 1950s through 1970s. It still existed in 1987, but there is little word of its activities.

Most towns in the region had summer festivals, but the Spearfish Lake Chamber of Commerce's "Lumberman's Festival" was halted around 1970. The town went two or three years with nothing, and then the Spearfish Lake Women's Club sponsored the Spearfish Lake Chili Festival in 1974 and 1975. Hjalmer Lindahlsen's winning entry in 1975 spelled the end of that and it was another decade before a new attempt was made with the Lakefront Festival.

Two of the known movers of the Women's Club during its heyday were Donna Clark and Kate Ellsberg. Other members included Jane Masterfield and Martha Hekkinan. The meetings were sufficiently newsworthy that Carrie Evachevski, the Spearfish Lake Record-Herald social editor, reported on them.