Busted Axle Road

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Busted Axle Road
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Time frameApril 1987 - February 1988
SeriesSpearfish Lake Series
Series number3
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©1992; Rev. ©2001 ©2007, ©2013.

A snake crawls out of a bathroom drain, and a woman kills it with her hair dryer . . . That's all it takes to set townspeople, media, crooked environmentalists, a country music singer, the federal government and a bunch of dogsledders to getting at each other's throats. Of course, nothing's quite normal in Spearfish Lake!

Note: As of 2013, Wes has re-edited and re-released Busted Axle Road in a 44 instead of 127 chapter version.

The old version article is here: Busted Axle Road, 2007 Version.