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Spearfish Lake Series is a series of novels by Wes Boyd, centered around the fictional town of Spearfish Lake in Michigan.

A lot of the plots deal with members of the Archer and Evachevski families,their friends, families and adventures.

The first book posted on-line by Wes Boyd, Rocinante, tells the story of Jackie Archer, and her quest for adventure, friendship, and peace of mind. She finds all of these, and more, with Mark Gravengood.

In Runner's Moon Jackie's young brother Josh Archer grows up with old but still vital railroad work, and a revived sport of dog-sledding. The latter passion, and the resulting adventures are shared in full with a capable young girl, Tiffany Langenderfer-McMahon, who grows up to be Josh's partner.

Absent Friend tells the interesting story of Tiffany's parents, her mother Kirsten haunted by fiance lost in Vietnam, and the man who fell in love with Kirsten.

Square One tells the story of Danny Evachevski, a childhood friend of Josh Archer, who deals with disappointments in marriage and career, and has to start over again. Which he does, along with some interesting experiences in a Nevada Bordello.

The Books

Including the covers and time frames covered by the novels.

TitleSeries numberChapter CountFirst postedTime frameCover
Rocinante130April 1971 - December 1971
Snowplow Extra224January 1981
August 1982
Busted Axle Road, 2007 Version3127April 1987 - February 1988Bar-vs.jpg
Busted Axle Road344April 1987 - February 1988Bar-vs.jpg
Runner's Moon419June 1990 - March 1995Rm-vs.jpg
Absent Friend552May 1975 - May 1991 with flashbacksAf-vs.jpg
Andromeda Chained628September 1997 - Summer 1998Ac-vs.jpg
Facing the Storm741December 1999 to Fall 2000Fts-vs.jpg
Square One851February 8, 2010 - June 4, 2010December 2000 - August 2001
Fall 2009