Facing the Storm

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Facing the Storm
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Time frameDecember 1999 to Fall 2000
SeriesSpearfish Lake Series
Series number7
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Copyright Wes Boyd ©2003, ©2008.

When John and Candice Archer's jobs go bad and their kids are sent to lousy schools, they decide it's time to get out of the city and head back to John's home in Spearfish Lake. It takes a little getting used to because their lives are different there, and they can't help but change to face new circumstances and new opportunities as well as finding new friends and new interests. But then, their new friends are undergoing changes, too. One couple is having trouble getting used to a slow life after challenging but intensive jobs; another's stable long-time relationship is not so stable any more, and a third couple is facing having to give up a dream of decades to face the challenges of the real world. None of it is easy, but they're all in it together.


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