Facing the Storm Chapter 27

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Facing the Storm
Chapter 27 of 41
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Time frameJune 2000
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  • Spearfish Lake
    • The Little League baseball field
    • Phil and Brandy's living room
    • John and Candice’s house
    • Kayaking on Spearfish Lake
    • Blake and Jennifer's house



Shay and Cody are introduced to the Little League team by the coach, Terry Curtis. They seem to get on OK, and Coach Curtis taps John as an assistant coach.

Phil & Brandy have Josh & Tiffany over so they can talk dog sledding, but still can't pin Phil down as to whether he wants to do the Iditarod this year.

Tiffany drops by Candice to find that Brandy is there, but John is out with the boys at Little league, so the girls decide to go out kayaking. At first Candice is a little dubious, but once she starts paddling she really enjoys the trip.

Jennifer and Blake get back from their latest tour. Jennifer is still having upset stomach problems, but is OK otherwise. During her phone call to Brandy to say that she's back she find out that John and Candice have moved to Spearfish Lake and is invited to the housewarming.