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The Iditarod is a long distance (over 1000 mile) dogsled race along a historic trail in Alaska. Iditarod is the name of a river and town along the route of the trail. The race was started in 1973. The Wikipedia page is here and the Race website is here. Some interesting facts and trivia are here.

You can follow this link Trail Song Video to a music video of scenes from the 2006 race set to Hobo Jim singing "The Iditarod Trail".

Spearfish Lake Tales characters that have participated in the Iditarod include Tiffany Archer, Josh Archer, and Phil Wine.   Candice Archer had qualified, but had not run the race as of the current storyline.FtS27

Candice Archer had run the race twice before Duane MacRae ran the Run-8 Kennels second team in 2004.INTA2