Candice Archer

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Candice Archer
Female silhouette.png
Birth nameCandice Howard
Birth date1965
Birth placeArvada Center
SpouseJohn Archer
Cody ArcherM1991
Shay ArcherM1989

For other persons named Candy, see Candy.

Candice Archer née Howard is the wife of John Archer and the mother of two sons, Shay and Cody.

Candice is described as medium height with long black hair.FtS27 "She always looked as if she had a bit of a tan, with olive skin that John surmised was inherited from her long-dead Italian war bride grandmother."FtS20 In 2004, She was described as "considerably more muscular. She had long dark hair done in bangs, and it looked pretty good on her"SU3

Candice Howard was raised in Arvada Center and was known as Candy. Her family was able to keep horses, with which she competed and won ribbons.TNG2 She went to Willow Lake High School and graduated in 1983. Among her high school friends were Lori Mattson and Judy Niven.

Candice met John Archer while going together at State in their freshman year. She switched her major from veterinary tech to business. Soon after they were married and living in Camden.FtS2 Around 1995 John found a better job in Decatur and they moved there. By 1999, she was working as the third assistant comptroller at a regional office for the First Decatur Savings and Loans, but a merger puts her job in jeopardy, then later eliminates it.

By 2000 the couple have moved to Spearfish Lake. Chance happens to get her a job working for her in-laws at Spearfish Lake Outfitters. She quickly found she had a knack, not only selling, but taking part in the expeditions such as a whale watching kayak trip in Quebec. She subsequently competed in the Beargrease dog sled race and qualified for the Iditarod. She was giving seriously consideration on running in it, but is afraid to tell her husband.CF27 Candice subsequently ran the Iditarod, but not in the Spring 2004, "We were planning on me doing it [...], but things happened. It looks like I’m going to do it again next spring, though."SU3 By the summer of 2010, "She didn't do it every year, but had done it three times"BITH29

The story Stray Kitten tells of Candice and John's son Cody rescuing and orphaning Janice Lufkin, including taking her into their home.

Spearfish Lake Outfitters holds classes for a small group on Saturday mornings and in the summer of 2010 Candice recruited Jack Erikson to teach the next one on birding basics. Their conversation also pointed out that he could purchase bear repellent pepper spray and they negotiated four cans for teaching the class.BITH29

Candice encouraged Jack and Vixen to talk to her son Cody and her not quite daghter, not quite daughter-in-law Jan about Southern Michigan University.