Janice Archer

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Janice Archer
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Birth nameJanice Lufkin
Birth dateJuly 1990
FatherJack Lufkin
MotherRachel Lufkin

Janice Archer, born Janice Lufkin, was a a resident of Spearfish Lake. Her father was Jack Lufkin and she had an older brother, Bobby. Her mother Rachel died when she was young.'

In December 2007 she was a chemistry lab partner of Cody Archer at Spearfish Lake High School. At this time, she was repeatedly abused (physically and sexually) by her father and brother. Both were killed when Cody came to her defense.SK1 At the time, she was 17 years and five months old, and was subsequently granted legal emancipation to avoid being a subject of Children's Services.SK15

In late summer 2008 she requested that her name be changed to Janice Archer; the action was approved by Judge Robert Dieball.SK34

By 2010, she was a very attractive young woman, confident in her body, wearing a bikini that made Misty Frankovich's "seemed conservative by comparison."BITH22

She was an EMT and an LPN, and working on her RN degree. She provided first aid to Howie Erikson after his fight with Frenchy LeDroit.BITH20