Cody Archer

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Cody Archer
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Birth date1991
FatherJohn Archer
MotherCandice Archer

Cody Archer is the youngest son of John and Candice (Howard) Archer. He was born in 1991, when the Archers were living in an apartment in Camden. He frequently follows his older brother Shay's lead. After moving to Spearfish Lake, both boys join Little League, coached by Terry Curtis, assisted by their dad.

The 1991 birth date can be inferred from Facing the Storm; it's stated that he's two years younger than Shay, and Shay is in fifth grade in late 1999-early 2000, so Cody is probably in third grade, thus about eight. In Stray Kitten no year is given and no exact birthday is given for Cody, but his birthday is implied to be in the early part of the year; he's 17 when the story begins in December, and turns eighteen sometime before chapter 27, before the end of the school year.

Starting at age 13 Cody took up target shooting and became very, very good at it. In December 2007 he was forced to kill the father and brother of his school lab partner Janice Lufkin when rescuing her from their physical and sexual abuse.SK1

Cody was trained by Sheriff Charlie Wexler and Gil Evachevski on such things as Police procedures and in Self Defense martial arts. He and Janice attended House of Mayhem practice. In Chapter 32 of Stray Kitten he wins the state heavy pistol championship. In Chapter 7 of Hiding Patty it is implicitly mentioned that he won the state heavy pistol championship for the second time.

In the summer of 2010, Cody helped Janice Archer give first aid to Howie Erikson after his encounter with Frenchy LeDroit. He had been a paperboy for the Archers when he was younger.BITH20 His later stand behind Howie's brother Jack Erikson against Frenchy caused Frenchy to back down.'

In the last chapter of Stray Kitten he is a fully certified Michigan police officer.