Hiding Patty

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Hiding Patty
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Time frameAugust 2009 - September 2010
First postedApril 14, 2014-June 27, 2014
SeriesNew Spearfish Lake Series
Series number6
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Copyright © 2012, 2014 Wes Boyd.


Dr. Tricia York is a woman with a secret -- one that could blow up her medical career. Worse, by sheer bad luck she's not the only person in Spearfish Lake who knows about her dark past, and her future could depend on him keeping his silence. With hope her past will remain a secret, she begins the enormous job of taking over an aging doctor's ailing practice in the remote northern town -- and then meets a man whose past has secrets of his own.


There are different indications of the date. Chapter one says that 1955 was "a full fifty-four years before," so that would mean Hiding Patty begins in 2009. But in chapter five, Binky says that the busting of the Lufkins' meth lab (in December 2007, in the early chapters of Stray Kitten) took place "not quite a year ago".