Josh Archer

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Josh Archer
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Birth dateDecember 1971
SpouseTiffany Archer
FatherWalt Archer
MotherSarah Archer
Curtis ArcherM2004
Michelle ArcherF2001

Josh Archer is the youngest son of Walt and Sarah Archer. He has an elder half sister Jackie and a older full brother John. He was born around the end of Jackie and Mark Gravengood's honeymoon, so around December 1971.RM9

He and Amy Ashtenfelter had a romantic relationship, but she broke it off in 1990 when he decided to become a railroad engineer in Spearfish Lake instead of going to college with her. For the next six years, from age 18 to 24, Josh hadn't dated.RM17

The book Runner's Moon tells the story of Josh and Tiffany McMahon deciding to, then preparing for, then participating in the Iditarod Dog Sled Race of over 1,000 miles across Alaska. Josh ends up in a sprint finish with Tiffany at the finish.RM16

Josh marries Tiffany. The book Facing the Storm looks at their marriage as their focus moves beyond dogsled racing.

Josh starts working for the C&SL Railroad just out of high school. Bud pays for him to attend Diesel Maintainer school in LaGrange which is probably affiliated with EMD. LaGrange is the home of EMD the maker of the GP and SD series locomotives. While still running trains and dog sleds, he also starts an outdoor fun supplies store, selling items such as kayaks. He bought the old Borton property near his sister Jackie to make as a home for himself, Tiffany and their dogs.

In Chapter 1 of the book Starting Late it's mentioned that by 2007 their daughter Michelle, would turn six in the fall and their boy, Curtis, was three.

In 2010 he was elected on to the School Board.BOF1