Walt Archer

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Walt Archer
Male silhouette.png
Spouse2Sarah Archer
John ArcherM
Josh ArcherMDecember 1971
Jackie GravengoodF1951

In Rocinante Walt Archer is married to his second wife, Sarah. His daughter Jackie is by his first wife, while Sarah is the mother of John and Josh (see Archer Family Tree).

In Rocinante he is an engineer for the D&O Railroad. By Snowplow Extra he is the Senior engineer for the C&SL Railroad, he works hard during Snowplow Extra, despite being unwell. His connection with the C & SL RR continues through later books. He is still a part time Engineer in Facing the Storm despite advancing age, due to staffing issues. He is officially retired by Square One. However his involvement with the Railroad continues as he fills in when required.