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Decatur and Overland Railroad is a major railroad serving from the city of Decatur. It was sometimes called the Dirty and Old.

In 1955 steam engines were being replaced with diesel engines. The “Mixed train” from Camden to Walsenberg was still steam powered when Walt Archer drove it delivering a group of Boy Scouts with canoes and equipment from Camden to Stoner Creek near Walsenberg.FK1

In 1975 they were in a period of restructuring and sold track and some equipment to the new short-line Camden and Spearfish Lake Railroad. Over time it also sold the Kremmling Branch and its gravel pit traffic.

D&O also had branches in Rochester and Coldwater.

In 1981, Les Marks was the Division Supervisor based in the Putnam Yard and Steve Cziller was the Road Foreman. A rescue train was led by Steve to help the C&SL with the Warsaw Fire.