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Warsaw is a township 33 miles (by railroad) east of Spearfish Lake and is the location of the fire in Snowplow Extra. There is a fertilizer factory, but possibly the largest employer is Jerusalem Paper, which makes toilet paper among other paper products. It is one of the larger consumers of wood pulp in the area. Fred Linder is one of the few Warsaw residents to receive much mention in books outside of Snowplow Extra .

Warsaw was the location of a school project by Clark Construction that consumed much of Randy Clark's time in 1997.DW54

Warsaw was the location of the first game by the Spearfish Lake High School girls basketball team under their new coach, Brandy Wine in 2000 and their first win in three years.FtS39

Bree Gravengood set Warsaw as her turn point for her Soaring Society of America Silver Badge trifecta flight in September 2010.RFW1