Brianna Gravengood

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Brianna Gravengood
Female silhouette.png
Birth date1995
MotherShannon Gravengood

Brianna Gravengood was a daughter of Shannon Gravengood, who either didn't know or didn't disclose the father.

She has a half-sister, Rebecca Gravengood.

Brianna and Rebecca were orphaned when their mother died in May 2007.

Mark (their Grand-Uncle) and Jackie Gravengood (their Grand-Aunt) took them in.SL1

Her nickname is Bree.

In 2007 she was thin and short, with the small mounds of early-developing breasts just beginning to push bumps into her T-shirt. Her skin was almost pasty white, with long blonde hair dangling down her back. Mark thought that she was not going to end up very tall, but that she might be a real knockout in a few years.SL4