Women's Fitness Center

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Women's Fitness Center is located in the town of Spearfish Lake.

Connie McPherson was unhappy that the gym outside town was too male oriented and unwelcoming to women, so she and her husband Barry started the Women's Fitness Center to serve the women of the town and their particular issues. She made serious effort to mitigate the history most women had with gym classes in school.

The fitness center is located in a moderately sized steel building. A running track circled a large open room with a number of exercise machines inside the track and a multi-purpose open area for calisthenics and the like. There is a loudspeaker system to provide music, described as a heavy-beat Euro-disco. There is also a back room, a small locker room, tanning beds and a small, well-lit lounge.

Known members include Carole Carter and Brenda Hodunk and the Magnificent Seven basketball team (Amanda Musgrave, Tabitha Augsberg, Vanessa Sprow, Ashley Rakestraw, Sarah Hodges, Rachel Conger, and Jody Aho).FtS37 and FtS38

Coach Emerson worked with High School Principal Brandy Wine and others to offer discounted membership of the Women's Fitness Center to girls who wanted to train during the winter, between the cross-country and track seasons.RFW13