Carole Carter

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Carole Carter
Female silhouette.png
Birth date1969
Birth placeSpearfish Lake
FatherDan Carter
MotherDenise Carter

Carole Carter is a lead character in Andromeda Chained. She started to wear handcuffs as an experiment, but her sister Wendy had a crippling accident, and Carole refused to take them off until her sister can do it for her. Her entry in the Record-Herald's Handbook says "b. 1969, Spearfish Lake. Graduate SL High, 1986. BA 1990, Athens U; MA, 1992, same, both in Psychology. Works Psychological Consultants, Camden. Parents, Dan and Denise. Sister, Wendy. Started wearing handcuffs in spring, 1992 in three-month project as part of research for her Master's, but hasn't taken them off since."AC1

Carole is described as a light blonde with wide-set blue eyes. She is five foot, nine inches tall and otherwise thin and pretty.

Carole is close to her family, probably because of her sister, and as Debbie Elkstalker commented, Carole doesn't date. Mike McMahon thinks of her as a nice person, but with a loose screw or three. A friendship develops in Andromeda Chained based on mutual loneliness between Carole and Brenda Hodunk.

Once, as a high school senior, she made out with Danny Evachevski.SQ13 In March 2001 she was still single, but had a fiancé.SQ28

In Blue Beauty, Carole acts as a body double for Jennifer Evachevski to mislead a film crew from Hollywood Tonight.

In Canyon Fires, although she does not actually appear in the story, we learn how Carole had been helping Nicole Clark overcome her fear of whitewater in preparation for the Clarks trip through the Grand Canyon for Karin Chladek's wedding.