Wendy Carter

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Wendy Carter
Female silhouette.png
Birth date1975
Birth placeSpearfish Lake
FatherDan Carter
MotherDenise Carter

Wendy Carter is a lead character in Andromeda Chained. She is the daughter of Dan and Denise Carter and lives in Spearfish Lake with her parents. Her older sister is named Carole.

While in school, Wendy was described as "bright, intelligent, beautiful, popular" and she was a cheerleader, but she had a crippling jet-ski accident in 1992. "Wendy had been a normal young teenager, out playing around with her boyfriend on a jetski with another young couple, each couple trying to spray the other with the waterblast. Somehow, someone had made a mistake, and the two had collided. The boyfriend hadn't survived, and Wendy had been left a nearly total quadriplegic. She had a little use of two fingers on her left hand, and that was all."BB18

Wendy still maintains a surprisingly cheerful manner. She becomes friends with Brenda Hodunk, who introduces her to the online game Dragonslayer. The game provides social stimulus and a mental challenge that she can handle despite her handicap. By 2001, "She's far and away the highest ranked player in the game."CF22

With some computer wizardry by Mark Gravengood and some mechanical engineering by her father and some of his co-workers, Wendy now has a system named Jeeves that assists her in a great many tasks that she would otherwise be unable to do, including coding web sites in HTML and handling email. "Wendy's dad was a mechanical engineer; he and his friends at work were responsible for much of the system."BB18 Jeeves has the capability of turning the pages of books she is reading. "She was actually fairly independent, mostly because her father was a mechanical engineer with friends who liked to tinker. Wendy more or less lived in the middle of a computer-driven, voice-activated support system called "Jeeves," which could do some remarkable things. She'd written one book, about Carole and a friend, and was deep in writing a complicated fantasy novel. She was quite personable and obviously brilliant."RR35

In Blue Beauty, she acts as the answering service for Jennifer Evachevski and Blake Walworth, screening their calls and taking messages as needed.BB18 From story context her mother sorts and handles Jenny Eastons physical mail. Jennnifer or Blake (or both) do the mail run over to Wendy's on a regular schedule.

By 2009 she had published five epic fantasy novels starting with Ferry to Kolombanara, followed by Hills of Kolombanara, all in the same series, and was working on the sixth. She was well-known in that subgenre. She also helped Dr. Tricia York with information on text-to-speech systems just after she took over Dr. Herman Luce's practice and needed to improve the patient records system.HP12