Blue Beauty

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Blue Beauty
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Time frameDecember 2000 - December 2001
First postedJune 9, 2009 - August 28, 2009
SeriesDawnwalker Cycle
Series number3
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Disambiguation: Blue Beauty is both the name of a book and the name of a Celtic Harp that belongs to Myleigh Harris.

The book is Part III of the Dawnwalker cycle and the major focus is Myleigh Harris and her Celtic Harp
Copyright Wes Boyd ©2003, ©2009; revised © 2012.

Too much woman for him? Trey Hartwell used a tour in the army and college to try to raise himself up from a life of poverty. Then he met a woman that seemed too good for him -- literature professor and professional harpist Dr. Myleigh Harris. She was easily the most talented, most intelligent, most awesome, most complex woman that he'd ever had the chance to spend some time with. Too much woman for him, for sure, perhaps too much woman for anyone. If any man ever did wind up with her, he'd have his hands full. Trey didn't think he wanted to be the one to try . . . but still, what a woman!


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