Blue Beauty Chapter 5

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Blue Beauty
Chapter 5 of 36
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Time frameDecember 2000
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Myleigh has arrived in Spearfish Lake for Christmas, and is staying with Randy and Nicole, although since they are at work she is at Blake and Jennifer's. She tells them about her impromptu performance at Marienthal College, and shows them the review from the college paper.

This gives Blake and Jennifer the opportunity to show her the incomplete demo disc they've created of Harp Strings, an album of Myleigh's music that they propose to produce and release.

Myleigh is almost speechless at the thought of a solo album of her own music, but goes along with it. They need a few more songs to fill out the album, and Myleigh suggests a song that went over very well in her college performance. Blake and Jennifer are not familiar with it, but it turns out to be by Steam Train John, so they are confident they'll be able to get the rights to record it.

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