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Marienthal College is a small, presumably private, (fictional) liberal arts college in a nice suburb in the southwestern part of Kansas City, Kansas.BB1 BB17 They have an extension program at Fort Riley, an army base a bit deeper into Kansas.BB8

In 1999 Myleigh Harris was hired there to teach English literature after she received her PhD, on a tenure track. The freshman literature course had a reputation as an easy course, at least before Dr. Harris took over, to the surprise of students looking to fill out their English requirements, such as Trey HartwellBB1.

There are dorms on campus, such as the one Trey lived in with his roommate Justin Blair. Dr. Harris lived in a second floor apartment across the street from Downs Hall, a facility that was often used by Theater Arts.

There is a pizza parlor just off campus, Dino's.BB2 BB3

The College President is Dr Hamilton, who is keen to use Myleigh's harp playing to publicize the college. The only other faculty mentions is a Dr. Mansfield, who is either part of the Literature program, and maybe Dr. Harris's boss, or in charge of scheduling rooms at Down's Hall.

Trey Hartwell graduated in December 2001 and immediately proposed to Myleigh Harris.PE19

Real Life Note

There is a town named Marienthal in Wichita County, in the western part of Kansas, in the United States. The town was founded in 1892 by a group of immigrant Germans from Russia; they named it after their previous hometown of Marienthal, Russia, today Marienka, Ukraine.
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