Nicole Szczerowski

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Nicole Szczerowski
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Birth nameNicole Szczerowski
Birth date1976
Birth placeSpearfish Lake
SpouseRandy Clark
FatherDennis Szczerowski
MotherSally Szczerowski
Brent Wayne ClarkMApril 2004
Raven ClarkF2006

Nicole Szczerowski is the eldest daughter of Dennis and Sally Szczerowski and is a native of Spearfish Lake. She has a 7-years-younger brother, Terry and a 10-years-younger sister Meagan. Nicole and Randy Clark were more or less steady girl friend and boy friend while in High School.

Nicole attended Weatherford College, a small private school south of Camden and worked the summers during the college years as a camp counselor at Mosquito Valley, a Girl Scout camp in southern Michigan. Because she changed her major (from Secondary Ed to Social Work and then back), it took her five years to graduate from college, finishing in 1998.

Inspired by her friendship with Crystal and Scooter, she went to OLTA in the summer of 1998. She hiked the Appalachian Trail the spring of 1999 (trail name Marlin) with her friend Jacqueline (trail name Jackpine).

Nicole and Randy drifted apart when they went to different colleges, but were pulled back together when they spent a summer together in Spearfish Lake. There was still the consideration of Crystal and Myleigh, so Nicole worked it out with the girls before she and Randy were able to work it out.

With her teaching degree, Nicole found herself hurrying back from her Appalachian Trail hike to start teaching back in Spearfish Lake. She got an offer from Harold Hekkinan to teach history at the Spearfish Lake High School.

She is slightly taller than Randy or Myleigh, with short dark hair and a nice shape. Randy built a home for Nicole and himself in Spearfish Lake and just after the end of Dawnwalker (December 1999) they were married. Myleigh Harris is on the way to the wedding in the last chapter of Alone Together. By the start of Blue Beauty the marriage has taken place, on the stroke of midnight between 31st December 1999 and 1st January 2000 in the Spearfish Lake Methodist Church. Crystal and the Canyon Tours gang spiked the punch at the reception.

Nicole gave birth to their first child, Brent Wayne Clark in April 2004.HC21

Nicole continues to work at Mosquito Valley during the summers while Randy is at his busiest with construction work. Both are members of the Spearfish Lake United Methodist Church.

By 2009, Nicole is teaching at the high school.HP1 Nicole had Tricia York over for dinner one night, allowing the newcomer to Spearfish Lake to get to know a few others in a relaxed setting.HP15 She and Randy own and use a sailboat on the lake, with Nicole still wearing a bikini.HP27 The couple allow Tricia and Henry McMahon to borrow it.HP28


How do you pronounce "Szczerowski", anyway?

Stud-us-ki. Yeah, I know, no T and no D. I stole the spelling -- and the pronunciation -- from a guy in a town where I once worked, 40 years ago. -- Wes