Appalachian Trail

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Appalachian Trail on Wikipedia

Appalachian Trail ("AT") is a scenic hiking trail running between Springer Mountain in Georgia to Mount Katahdin in Maine. It is around 2,150 miles (3500 km) long and hikers can follow it north or south.

A very useful informational web site is the The Appalachian Long Distance Hikers Association     An off-trail family of hikers, dreamers and friends of the trail working to preserve, protect and promote the long-distance hiking community.

A number of Spearfish Lake residents and acquaintances have hiked some part of it, including:

  • Rhonda Whitsell, trail name Scooter, at first off-stage in 1993.   She hiked some of it again in 1997 with Crystall Chladek, but had to stop because of her knees.
  • Nicole Szczerowski, trail name Marlin, was inspired by her friendship with Crystal and Scooter to hike it in 1999 with her friend Jacqueline, trailname Jackpine.DW63
  • Randy Clark hiked very little of it, although he did climb Mt. Katahdin, the northernmost end point, and 5,268 feet (1606 m) tall.
  • Duane MacRae, trail name Icewater, hiked it from north to south in the summer of 1999. His father, Jason MacRae hiked with him on Katahdin and through all 4 miles of West Virginia. Vicky Varney hiked with them on a short section around Harper's Ferry. Duane hiked that last 3 months with Charlotte, trail name Chica.HS26