Jacqueline (Jackpine)

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Jacqueline (Jackpine)
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Birth nameJacqueline

Jacqueline (last name unknown), aka Jackpine as a trail name, hiked the Appalachian Trail with Nicole Szczerowski in 1999. She first acquired the nickname Jackpine as a camp name while working at the Girl Scout camp commonly known as Mosquito Valley, where she also made friends with Nicole and from whom she caught the AT fever.BB12

It is never said where she was from, but after hiking the trail, she took a flight to the Detroit airport. It was implied someone was going to pick her up there.DW64

Jacqueline was described by Nicole as "kind of tall and skinny"DW59 When Randy Clark met her, she was described as "She turned out to be rather plain appearing with a big nose, but very tall, towering over him, and very slender, as well."DW62

By 2000 Jacqueline was working with the Peace Corps in Tanzania. She was considered to replace Harmony as Camp Director after her injury, but being overseas made her unavailable.BB7