Vicky Varney

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Vicky Varney
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Birth nameVicky Varney
Birth date1970
SpouseAugie Pabst
Spouse2Jason MacRae
FatherJoe Varney
MotherMignon Varney
Melissa MacRaeF11 September 2001
Mike MacRaeM2003

Vicky was a member of the Bradford High School class of 1988, and was at the 10th year reunion. Her parents are Joe and Mignon Varney and she has two siblings, Alissa and Troy, each with a spouse, Casey and Brittany respectively.

One of Vicky's most powerful memories was as a little girl asking her neighbor, Jason MacRae, to repair her tricycle at age five or six or possibly younger.HS2

Vicky was a cheerleader in High School and "one of the popular girls who was always dating and having a good time". One of her best friends was Emily Jones in High School, a friendship that continued afterwards. She dated John Engler at least onceHT18 and worked washing dishes at the Chicago Inn during her senior year.HT1 Vicky was named Homecoming Queen while in High School. "She hadn't been the most slender girl in the lineup, but her heavy frame had gone well with her big chest, and the low-cut blue gown had exposed a lot of it."HS1 She gained weight starting in her first year in college and put on more after. She would continue to struggle with her weight in subsequent years.

Vicky was invited to the 1988 Woodstock High prom, in which Shae Kirkendahl and Denis Riley, as Eve, went with Paul and John McClellan. While she recognized Shae, she looked at Eve several times without realizing who she was really looking at.GM15

Vicky went to Central Michigan University on graduation, as did Dayna Berkshire, and Vicky was a conduit for gossip from CMU back to Bradford.HT13. Her roommate was named Melissa. For her 21st birthday, Dayna set her up for something a bit outrageous.HT17 Her minor was in fine arts, something she put to use in adding scrimshaw and other engraving to Jason's knives and airbrush work in painting Emily's Harley.HS3

In June 1992, Vicky married Augie Pabst from Detroit. Both lived and worked in the northern suburbs of Detroit.HT21 In 1994-95, when Dayna was touring solo, Vicky was among those that would spend a week or so being temporary roadies.HT23

It was Vicky that helped rescue Sandy Buehler from her abusive husband in April 1995. Even at this time, Vicky was having her own marital troubles.HT27 By the time of the reunion in 1998, She introduced herself as "it was Pabst for a while, but I lost that two hundred pounds of ugly fat by divorcing him . . .".MC26 After the reunion, Vicky and her friend Emily were both subdued seeing the changes in their old friends and unhappy with their own changes. "I'm a fat slob with a lousy job, who divorced a jerk, and can't find anyone to date but other jerks."HS23 It was noted that she'd been close to becoming an alcoholic before swearing off it; that was no secret.

By September 2001, she was married to Jason MacRae: Vicky Varney, well, MacRae, now, since her remarriage.PUTP15 On September 11, 2001, Vicky and Jason has a little girl, named Melissa after Vicky's college roommate.HS36 By the time Duane and Michelle Rawson visited after he'd run the Iditarod dog sled race in March 2004, Vicky and Jason also had a son, Mike, nearly a year old.INTA3