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SpouseAlissa Varney

Casey is the husband of Alissa Varney, middle child of Joe and his wife Mignon.

Although they don't have children by 1998, they "are thinking about it".HS7 By Christmas 1999, Alissa was pregnant and "now about halfway along; in a few months, she'd be the second of the Varney kids to become parents."HS29

It is unclear how far from Bradford they might live. Casey and Alissa spent some holidays at her parents' house while others with his. They witnessed Vicky receive a motorcycle as a present in Christmas 1998.HS9 Another Christmas found Casey watching football with his father-in-law and brother-in-law, Troy.HS29

Alissa and Casey met Duane MacRae and Michelle Rawson at Christmas 2001. Duane grew up with Alissa and knew her well, but hadn't seen her in a few years.PE23