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Weatherford College is a small but well-respected private college just south of Camden. It has a reputation among some as being a rather conservative and religious school,AF11 which hints at its history. For unknown reasons, the schedule at Weatherford runs slightly different from others places with the spring semester ending one week later than Athens University. It is distant enough from Camden that campus activities were separate from those of the big town. "It's not much of a party school."DW20 Weathersford was included in Myleigh Harris's 2001 tour supporting her Canyon Tours album.

In the spring of 1978, Steve Augsberg came home from Weatherford with a BS in Business Management, Accounting, and Production Engineering. Steve had attended since the fall of 1973 and paid for it with the GI Bill.

Weatherford has arrangements with local commmunity colleges allowing transfer credits, such as what Steve Augsberg managed with trade-oriented courses. Brenda Hodunk also got her degree from Weatherford, but admits most of her classes were at Riverside Community College, also in the Camden area. While Weathersford does not have an MBA program of their own, they do host an extension program from Athens University.

Because she changed her major (from Secondary Ed to Social Work and back), it took Nicole Szczerowski five years to graduate, finishing in 1998. Randy Clark has to go to Weatherford and Nicole's place there to pick up Crystal Chladek when she turns up there unannounced in November 1997.DW56

In October 2001, Myleigh Harris gives a concert at Weatherford. She also provisionally agrees to take a position in the Literature Department there starting in the fall of 2002 as the college rebuilds its liberal arts program, sweetened by endowment funding from Jennifer Walworth.BB36

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There is a real Weatherford College, in Weatherford Texas. The one described above is fictional for the SLT universe.