Celtic Harp

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Celtic Harp
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For a Rare Discarded Harp, a Chance to Sing Again

New York Times, August 10 2009


Not exactly Blue Beauty, but close; this one was made in Dublin by John Eagan, an Irishman known as the father of the modern Irish harp.

It was found in a dumpster, and is now in the hands of Lorcan Otway, who plans to take it to London to have it restored by an expert.

Lorcan Otway has started a blog to follow the restoration of his John Eagan harp. The blog can be found here A John Egan Harp awakes from a long sleep.

Pictures of the John Eagan Harp can be found on Lorcan's flickr page Eagan harp and replica.

Deborah Henson-Conant, the harpist that got Wes into the Celtic Harp plays a Camac Harp. One of the harps that she uses can be found here: DHC Blue Light.

Myleigh Harris plays a French made Celtic Harp, Possibly like the Camac harp here DHC Blue Light.