Blue Beauty Chapter 21

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Blue Beauty
Chapter 21 of 36
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Time frameMay 2001
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As the Canyon trip nears its destination, Myleigh finally talks with Crystal and Trey and then Al and Karin about her experiments with the harp in the Canyon. She wants to repeat the experience on the next trip, but with her primary harp Blue Beauty, which she has a stronger emotional connection. She'd also like to have Trey attempt to record the resulting music. Myleigh is uncertain how well it might work and has a difficult time explaining since she wants to avoid words like mystical. Al agrees to support the project and becomes quite enthusiastic.

A telephone consultation with Jennifer and Blake improves the plans with the loan of superior portable recording equipment. As preparations for the next trip (Myleighs second trip) come together, Karin Chladek and Michelle Rawson are selected to run it with Al staying back at the office, saying "Hell of a thing to happen two weeks after your wedding... But we knew it was going to happen sooner or later, so I guess I can't complain".

Also Mentioned

  • John Wesley Powell
  • Jack's Plastic Welding - a real company in Aztec, New Mexico (makers of standard and custom drybags, rafts, and more)