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The Dawnwalker Cycle is in the same universe as the Spearfish Lake Series and the Bradford Exiles series.

It traces the lives of several people, especially those in the Chladek family, and their friends and loves.

Circa 1995, the Chladeks are a family in Glen Ellyn near Chicago.

  1. Crystal Chladek: the oldest daughter who never gets along with Pete, prefers outdoors and sports to engineering.
  2. Jon Chladek: a near-copy of Pete, focused on becoming an engineer to the exclusion of physical activity or social development; initially with good rapport with his father but increasingly distressed by Pete's anger and parochialism.
  3. Nanci Chladek: pretty, spoiled younger daughter, more focused on boyfriends and parties than study


Louise Buck Al Buck Karin Johansen Pete Chladek Doris Chladek
Noah Whittaker Crystal Chladek Jon Chladek Tanisha Blythe Nanci Chladek
    Barbara Chladek



August 1974 and February 1995 - September 1999

The life of Randy Clark, Crystal Chladek and Myleigh Harris in Northern Michigan University. Randy is from Spearfish Lake, and becomes a friend and then boyfriend of both Crystal and Myleigh.

Alone Together

January 1997 - December 1999

The life of Jon Chladek (Crystal's younger brother) and Tanisha Blythe in college and afterwards. Both are isolated from their families by outlook and hopes, and find their support in each other. In their job at Lambdatron, Jon and Tanisha encounter Jennlynn Swift, a fascinating character who gets her own book: Magic Carpet of Bradford Exiles.

Blue Beauty

December 2000 - December 2001

Myleigh is brilliant, and despite isolation from her family, she achieves honors in scholarship and music. Despite the good friends she finds, she is still lonely. The book shows her from the point of Trey Hartwell, an older student who finds Myleigh intimidating, as well as enticing.

Canyon Fires

April - May 2001

The life of Nanci Chladek, the pretty but very spoiled younger sister of Crystal.

River Rat

April 1999 - November 2001

Scooter is a young woman, who lives for the outdoor life. Her friendship with Crystal helps her find adventures, friendship, and the life of her dreams.

We also catch up on developments with Randy, his wife Nicole, Myleigh, Crystal, Karin, Al, all mostly in the context of the Grand Canyon.

Growing Together

February - July 2002

Further adventures of Tanisha and Jon Chladek. While establishing their lives, they learn many things about their families.

Pulling Even

October 2001 - February 2002

Randy Clark likes outdoor life and adventure, but his job, a family business, takes all his time. What can he, or his friends, do?

To some extent, a continuation of River Rat: Randy and much of the Dawnwalker crew after the memorable time in the Canyon. Some connections with Bradford, including Duane MacRae.

The story of Randy, his family and friends is continued in Hannegan's Cove.

Icewater and the Alien

February 2004 - May 2005

Some of the most capable raft guides that Crystal and Al Buck worked with in the Grand Canyon are Michelle Rawson (aka The Alien) and Duane MacRae (son of Jason MacRae of Bradford). This is their story.

Down by the Riverside

May 2002 - August 2005

The Grand Canyon changes lives. Nanci Chladek finds a faith which gives her life new purpose.

Hickory Run

August 2005 - May 2007

Nanci Chladek helps her suite-mate Sarah Lackamp develop her independence whhile they are students at Hickory Run Methodist Seminary.