Barbara Chladek

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Barbara Chladek
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Birth dateJuly 4, 2002
FatherJon Chladek
MotherTanisha Blythe

For other persons named Barbara, see Barbara.

Barbara Chladek is the first child of Tanisha and Jon Chladek. Her grandparents include Pete Chladek and Karin Buck.

Barbara was born on July 4, 2002. It was speculated that she would grow up thinking the fireworks are for her birthday.GT21

Tanisha resented the pseudo-African name her father gave her and wanted her daughter to have "a culturally neutral American name, something common, something like, oh, Barbara"GT14 When her brother Kwame complained, "Couldn't you have at least decided to give her a name that reflects her heritage?", Jon points out she was as much Swedish as black.GT19

By June 2004 she was called Barbie.DBR34