Pete Chladek

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Pete Chladek
Male silhouette.png
SpouseKarin Chladek
Spouse2Doris Chladek
Crystal ChladekFMay 1975
Jon ChladekMOctober 1977
Nanci ChladekFNovember 1979

Pete Chladek married Karin Johanson in the fall of 1974 and they raised three children, Crystal, Jon and Nanci, in their home in Glen Ellyn, IL.

Pete's father emigrated from Czechoslovakia.DW21

He worked as an engineer for Hadley-Monroe Industries, where in 1974 he helped develop the controller for a Laser Die Cutter. He is a competent engineer, but over the years that he was married to Karin, became a stubborn opinionated crusty grumpy old fart with a fierce temper and strong racist views. His attitude, temper and racism eventually drive away first Crystal and then Jon, and finally Karin has enough and divorces him around 1999. He finally kicks out Nanci too, and so loses his entire family.

When Hadley-Monroe contracted with Lambdatron to redesign the Laser Die-cutter Controller, Pete worked with Jennlynn Swift as the Lambdatron contact, unaware that it was actually his son Jon and Jon's girlfriend (and later wife) Tanisha Blythe that did the real design and engineering work.

When he learned that Karin was leaving him while he was on a trip to Japan, his explosive temper prompted Phil Wine to quit Hadley-Monroe, too.

His anger and his terrible headaches eventually led to a physical collapse late at work. As a result, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor the size of a walnut, successfully operated on, and recovered.

He reestablished contact with his family; and even became friendly with his ex-wife. He became friends and then married Doris, the woman member of the janitorial staff who found him collapsed at work, called the paramedics, and then nursed him through recovery.GT21