Doris Chladek

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Doris Chladek
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SpousePete Chladek

Doris Chladek was a night janitor at Hadley-Monroe, and through that job got to know and become a friend of Pete Chladek. When we first meet her it's just "Doris", we never learn her (pre-marriage) last name.


Pete chose to come in late in the day and work late many evenings and Doris was the one that discovered Pete after he collapsed one evening while at work. After Pete was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor and operated on, Doris took time off work to care for him. As Pete recovered they became good friends, although apparently not romantically involved.GT6

By July 2002, Pete and Doris, with the happy example of Jon's and Tanisha's interracial marriage, get married, and Pete introduced her as his wife at his granddaughter's baby shower.GT21


Doris was a very dark-skinned black woman who looked remarkably like Tanisha Chladek's late mother; but had a much warmer manner.GT11

Ironically, Doris apparently lost a daughter at a young age, and she imagined that the daughter would have grown up as pretty as Tanisha, had she survived.GT6