Jon Chladek

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Jon Chladek
Male silhouette.png
Birth dateOctober 1977
SpouseTanisha Blythe
FatherPete Chladek
MotherKarin Chladek
Barbara ChladekF4 July 2002
Billy ChladekMOctober 2003

For other persons named John, see John.

Jon Chladek is the son of Pete and Karin Chladek (nee' Karin Johanson) and born in October 1977. He has a younger sister, Nanci and an older half-sister, Crystal (however the half- relationship is not discovered until much later). He stands about 5' 6" tall and was brought up in Glen Ellyn, a suburb of Chicago. An early description of him was "He wasn't real tall for a guy... and a bit on the overweight side.".AT1

Jon first appears in Dawnwalker as a secondary character but we really get to know his as a lead character in Alone Together. As an engineering student at Georgia Tech, he meets Tanisha Blythe, a fellow engineering student. They become friends, eventually boy friend and girl friend, and, after graduation, husband and wife. Jon and Tanisha have a daughter, Barbara, born on July 4, 2002.GT21

Jon worked (interned?) at Hadley-Monroe, Pete's company, in high school and the summer after his freshman year of college, doing mostly grunt work, including engineering drawings in AutoCad. On subsequent summers he and Tanisha worked at Lambdatron in Tempe, a suburb of Phoenix with Pete going ballistic about Jon not returning to Hadley-Monroe.

After a brief encounter with Tanisha's brother,AT5 Jon and Tanisha train in martial arts for improved self-defense skills. After spending so much of their high school as sheltered geeks, that either could be found jogging or exercising would be a surprise to all that knew them in their past.

In April (possibly May) 1999, Jon graduates from Georgia Tech, marries Tanisha in a Las Vegas instant-wedding chapel, and they move to a townhouse near Lambdatron.AC12 In December 1999 after years avoiding his family, Jon is reunited with his mother and his sister Crystal.AT18 In December 2000 Jennlynn gives the couple a chance to play out a fantasy at the Redlite Ranch with Tanisha standing in a lineup and having Jon pick her out. Jennlynn,as anyone who knows her would expect, adds a zinger into the situation with Danny as a wild card.MC28 SQ7

Despite their friendship with the rafters of Canyon Tours, Jon and Tanisha don't manage to make a raft trip with Canyon Tours until his mother's wedding trip in April / May 2001, where he also reunites with his sister Nanci.

In the following years, the couple were no longer scared of the world or their color difference. Their success at Lambdatron has given them confidence, friends, and some wealth such that they don't consider themselves outcasts anymore.MC28 They are even confident enough to return to Chicago in 2002, expecting a possible confrontation with Pete and his racist viewsMC33, but are really surprised by major changes.GT6