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The Redlite Ranch is a fictional legal brothel in the fictional Antelope Valley, Nevada, which is featured in the book Magic Carpet, and plays a role in Alone Together, Square One and Hearts of Gold, and a very minor role in Growing Together. It's mentioned in a different way in Hiding Patty. The Redlite and the Sagebrush Motel are right across the two-lane highway from each other.

The Redlite is described as the closest legal brothel to Las Vegas, being about 200 yards outside the Clark County line. MC11 The county line is significant because in Nevada prostitution can be legal in one county, and not in the adjacent county... and it's not legal in Clark County, where Las Vegas is located.

Sandy Beach described the location of the Redlite as "when you get to Antelope Valley, the only way you could miss the Redlite Ranch is if your seeing eye dog is asleep." HT29

It was about an hour out of Las Vegas on the two-lane highway to Lake Tahoe: a fairly large building, with a tower like an oil derrick sitting in front of it. On top was a red rotating light; with the logo and the name: "Redlite Ranch Bordello." RR44

Timeline and Notable Events

  • In 1990 the "old" Redlite was described in very unflattering terms. "The people in Vegas who are looking for a cheap quickie will go to an indie, or stop at a dump like the Redlite" which also had high turnover in girls working there.MC7 Jennlynn Swift was of the opinion, "That's supposed to be the worst dump in the state." MC11
  • 1995 (May): a concert by Eskimo Nell, the nation's greatest (and only?) licensed prostitute bandHT30
  • 2010 (July or August): Former prostitute Peppermint Patty, now Dr. Tricia York MD, brought Henry McMahon to see how she'd paid for a major part of her education and training. Henry had proposed to her and she'd withheld her answer until she'd shown him.HP31

Management and Staff

It was purchased in 1992 through Shirley Hoffman and her backer George Bush, who has grandiose plans for the place. On reopening, Shirley, Claudia, Cindy and Tina moved from Bettye's Ranch. MC11

  • Sara Hoffman is taking some time after college to work there, following a family tradition and after discovering the unfaithfulness of her former fiancee. MC10
  • Sarah Ferguson was hired as a cook and managed to turn the restaurant into a draw on itself. Sarah's Kitchen improved relations with the locals, including the Mormon bishop from nearby Piute Wells. He wasn’t exactly all that thrilled about the business being carried on there, but was hooked on the way Sarah did salmon steaks.MC15
  • Bartenders might change more frequently than the girls, but Danny Evachevski worked the bar there starting in late 1999 while establishing the required six week Nevada residency for a quick divorce.SQ1
  • Mike the bartenderSQ9
  • Jeanann, a night bartenderSQ7
  • Peppermint Patty a pre-med student at UCLA, who wanted to avoid some of the student-loan hassle, so she took a year off to work three on and one off.SQ1
  • Sandy Beach worked there in 1995 while establishing her six week residency requirement for a Nevada divorce.HT29
  • Dayna Berkshire, while waiting for Sandy's divorce; while also practicing and performing with Sandy as part of Eskimo NellHT30
  • Mallory Fox, a professional dominatrix, was hired, possibly in 1999, although by 2002 she had moved on to her own studio in Chicago. MC31
  • Jennlynn Swift was certainly the most famous worker at the Redlite. She would only work part-time, typically one or two weekends a month or so, and after a few years by appointment only. She was still working there in September 2002.MC34
  • Andrea and Debby (aka Phaedre), part-time photographers and each other's models.RR8


  • Tanisha and Jon Chladek roleplayed once at the Redlite, but did not take advantage of the other services offered.GT1
  • John McClellan lost his virginity to Jennlynn at the Redlite. "She is very competent at her part-time profession, and really knows how to help a man enjoy himself. But you know what? I love my wife so much that the fastest woman in the state of Nevada can't hold a candle to her."GM24
  • Sam Trott from Lambdatron, always accompanied by his wife Maureen. Their own rules: Different houses on different trips, never the same girl twice.MC6
  • Max Hawkins and many men (and some women!) from the USAF 317th Fighter Squadron.MC28