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Claudia (no last name has ever been given) was a prostitute at Bettye's Ranch when Jennlynn Swift first came there in August 1990. Claudia liked to cook, and being from Lousiana, she liked to cook Cajun.

She was "nearly as tall as (Jennlynn) was, maybe around thirty, a little more muscular, with flaming red hair, a thick southern accent and a mouth that ran a mile a minute, always fresh and bubbly."

She filled in as the floor manager when Shirley Hoffman was away.

Claudia was trained as a hairdresser but only rarely worked as one. Claudia styled Jennlynn's hair, and taught her about hair care, about fashion, how to wear sharp-looking clothes and how to look elegant while being fairly low maintenance.MC2

She moved to the Redlite Ranch when George Bush purchased it.

In January 1992 Claudia opted out of a line-up with Sam Trott, indicating he has partied with her before.MC6

In 1995, Claudia has quit prostitution and went back to Louisiana.MC15

It turned out that she and Cindy used the money they saved to open a C&C Cajun Restaurant in Biloxi. Will Hoffman discovered the restaurant and took Jennlynn there in 2002, when she was avoiding reporters after piloting a hijacked airplane to a safe landing.MC33