Bettye's Ranch

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Bettye's Ranch is a legal brothel in (fictional) Shelby County, Nevada, that Jennlynn Swift works at on occasion during her Caltech years. In 1990 Bettye has retired and is off-stage while Shirley Hoffman is the floor manager.

Other girls that work there include:

  • Cindy, a slightly heavy blond girl that likes to sunbathe nude. She is openly bisexual and teaches Jennlynn how to service a woman. She isn't as good a cribbage player as some people.
  • Claudia, "nearly as tall as Jennlynn was, maybe around thirty, a little more muscular, with flaming red hair, a thick southern accent and a mouth that ran a mile a minute, always fresh and bubbly." Claudia is from Louisiana and likes to cook Cajun. She also fills in as the floor manager when Shirley is away. Claudia teaches Jennlynn about fashion, how to wear sharp-looking clothes and how to look elegant while being fairly low maintenance.

They don't have runners, maids or custodians, so the girls share out the work and pick up after themselves. They also have a part-time local guy, Walt, that helps out with chores, heavy lifting, horses and maintenance. Walt is a Mormon and likes to do things his own way.

Bettye herself was in ill health and her death in 1992 was not too surprising. Shirley Hoffman and some friends attempted to purchase the ranch from her estate, but failed. The new management made some changes and were not as welcoming to "weekend girls" like Jennlynn, so some made the shift to the Redlite Ranch.