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For other persons named Cindy, see Cindy (disambiguation).

Cindy (no last name is given) was a girl at Bettye's Ranch who became one of Jennlynn's friends.

  • She was a slightly heavy blond girl that liked to sunbathe nude. She was openly bisexual and taught Jennlynn how to service a woman in 1990.MC2
  • In 1991 Cindy opted out of a line-up when Maureen and Sam Trott visited Bettye, indicating that she's partied with Sam in the past.MC6
  • In 1993, she partied with the initially hesitant Angela Morton, helping Angela discover that she enjoyed sex with women.MC13
  • By February 2002, she has quit prostitution, and along with another former Bettye and Redlite girl, Claudia, opened a C&C Cajun Restaurant in Biloxi. Will Hoffman used their restaurant (and their house) as a hiding place from the reporters pursuing Jennlynn and others after a foiled hijacking.MC33