Jennlynn Swift

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Jennlynn Swift
Female silhouette.png
Birth nameJennifer Lynn Swift
Birth date1969
Birth placeBradford
SpouseWill Hoffman
FatherArchibald Swift
MotherRebecca Swift

Jennlynn Swift is a senior research engineer, pilot, and part-time prostitute. She was the protagonist of the books Magic Carpet and Hearts of Gold. She also appears in several other books.

Names and Aliases

While commonly referred to as Jennlynn, it's a contraction of Jennifer Lynn.PUTP4 Her parents are probably the only ones to call her Jennifer.MC37

She used the name Rebecca Ann or just Rebecca early in her prostitution career (just to spite her mother).MC1 She was known as Skyhooker because of her company, Skyhook Aviation, and intentionally referring to her part-time occupation.MC23 She also became well known as Learjet Jenn, the fastest woman in the state of Nevada, "fastest" being an intentional double entendre.MC25

After marrying Will Hoffman she wants to put Learjet Jenn behind her and mostly goes by Jennifer Hoffman. HR4


In 1990, she was a "tall, slender, shapely girl with the black hair down past her waist".MC20 Jennlynn is described in Alone Together as being a "beautiful black haired woman, about 30 years old". Danny Evachevski described her as about five-foot ten, nice chest, lots of long, black hair in a pretty full hairdo.SQ23


Jennlynn Swift was born in 1969 and raised in Bradford, Michigan, by conservative parents, her father being Reverend Archibald Swift, leader of the Disciples of the Savior Church. Her mother was Rebecca Ann Swift.MC1

After graduating from Bradford High School (class of 1988) as valedictorian, she attended the California Institute of Technology (Cal Tech) to earn her Electrical Engineering degree, with a minor in Aviation. As told in the story Magic Carpet, when her parents threw her out of their home after hearing of her sexual activities at school, she subsequently found work as a legal prostitute in Nevada to pay for school and make payments on the bank loan she used to buy her Cessna 150 airplane, Magic Carpet.

Jennlyn graduated Summa Cum Laude from Caltech and started working full-time for Lambdatron, while working towards her doctorate.MC12 She picked up a PhD in Electrical Engineering in 1996.MC26

Her main job is as an Engineer for Lambdatron where she is considered both brilliant and competent. In chapter 5 of Square One she is referred to as a vice president. In Alone Together she owns and flies her own aircraft (a Cessna 310 and later a '67 Learjet which she bought in 1998) and in part of her spare time she works as a prostitute at the Redlite Ranch, a legal brothel in Antelope Valley, Nevada.

She loved flying, and her delivery and passenger services for Lambdatron evolved from a hobby to a small air-charter company, Skyhook Aviation, which operates the Cessna 310 and the Lear.

Her income from engineering (and part ownership of Lambdatron), prostitution, air service and investments for 1996 was almost $300,000, and her net worth over a million dollars.MC21

After meeting Brenda Hodunk of World News Network (WNN) on a flight, she recorded a documentary The Fast World of Learjet Jenn and subsequently collaborated with her on a follow-up covering prostitution in all its forms.

In the first half of 2005 she sold the Learjet for two and a half million and subsequently bought a Cessna Citation II-SP for the same amount.HOG24


  • 1969 (July?) Jennlynn is born in Bradford, Michigan
  • 1988 (May) graduates from high school as valedictorian
  • 1988 (September) starts at Caltech
  • 1990 (?) buys Magic Carpet, a Cessna 150 trainer
  • 1990 (May) gets thrown out by parents, starts working at the Mustang RanchMC1, then later at Bettye's Ranch
  • 1990 (November) helps find and save Will Hoffman who was bitten by a rattlesnakeMC5
  • 1991 (January, February) parties with Sam Trott, as a result gets an offer to intern at Lambdatron the following summerMC6 MC7
  • 1992 (May) graduates from Caltech with BSEE Summa Cum Laude, starts working full time at Lambdatron, stops her prostitution activities to avoid embarrassing the companyMC10 MC12
  • 1993 (January) returns to part-time prostitutionMC10
  • 1996 Receives PhD in Electrical EngineeringMC26
  • 1998 (June) meets Louise Buck and Al Buck at Canyon Tours
  • 1998 (June) meets Tanisha Blythe and Jon Chladek as interns at LambdatronMC22AT8
  • 1998 (September) buys a Learjet SkyhookMC24
  • 1998 (October) visits her high-school 10-year reunionMC26 and has a little revenge...
  • 1999 (December 31) ferries Al Buck and the gang to Randy and Nicole's weddingRR30
  • 2002 (February) helps foil a hijacking attempt; flies and lands the Airbus A300 airliner gaining fame and serious notorietyMC31 GT1
  • 2002 (September) records The Fast World of Learjet Jenn for WNN Newsmagazine with Brenda Hodunk
  • 2002 (November) buys Magic Carpet backMC36
  • 2002 (November) visits Bradford to reconcile with parentsMC37
  • 2002 (December) marries Will HoffmanMC38
  • 2003 (June) helps Norma Franceour to rescue Robin from enforced prostitution.
  • 2004 (September) buys a horse ranch outside Phoenix to live at with Will when he is posted to Luke Air Force Base; names it Hoffman's Rescue Ranch.HOG22
  • 2004 (December) leases the bunkhouse at the horse ranch to Hearts of Gold as a refuge home.HOG23
  • 2005 (July) publishes Learjet Jenn's Sex Work for Beginners and appears on The Roger Bennett Hour chat show to promote it.HOG24

Personal Life

Jennlynn's relationship with her parents ranges from terrible to strained.

At the end of Magic Carpet she marries Will Hoffman. She considers his grandmother, Shirley, one of her best friends, and likes her entire family. The feeling is mutual.

She is a good friend to Jon and Tanisha Chladek. In Hat Trick she is reunited with Dayna Berkshire. She also has been a customer of Al Buck's Canyon Tours on a tour run by Louise Buck.

Her boss, and fellow shareholder in Lamdatron, Stan Warshawski became her friend as well.

In an attempt to overcome some of the lies which had been printed about her following the hijacking attempt she recorded a documentary for WNN Newsmagazine with Brenda Hodunk, titled The Fast World of Learjet Jenn. In June 2003 she realised she had probably presented prostitution is a better career choice than it is. Over a number of months in 2004 she collaborated with Brenda Hodunk again to produce another documentary telling more of the rough sides of the business that she hadn't experienced. That was aired in February 2005.HOG23

She became friends with Norma Franceour, who she had first met with the working name of Frenchy. Norma wanted to set up a non-profit organization to help rescue girls who had got trapped into prostitution and wanted out. Jennifer wrote a book telling of the problems with being a prostitute as well as leasing a bunkhouse to the Hearts of Gold organization.


First introduced in Alone Together, she is the main character in Magic Carpet which begins chronologically earlier than Alone Together but was published later than it.

Wes has stated that the character was created for Alone Together as an extreme example of the type of people employed at Lambdatron but because she became such an interesting character he subsequently wrote Magic Carpet around her.

She is also the main character in Hearts of Gold where she is trying to distance herself from the fame of Learjet Jenn, but uses that persona to support the Hearts of Gold organization and to talk aboput the dangers of prostitution.