Hoffman's Rescue Ranch

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Hoffman's Rescue Ranch was a horse ranch outside Phoenix. The land here had mostly been cleared, and they could see that there were no close neighbors. But there were a number of fences around, making up corrals and grazing areas; a barn could be seen not far behind the house.

There was a large ranch-style house, and a second fairly large bunkhouse hidden behind some scrubby brush.

Will would be able to work with horses that had been mistreated, trying to make them happy animals again. The local humane society would welcome someone else they could call on.

There was an area which, with a little work, would make a good runway for Magic Carpet

When Jennifer bought the ranch she rented the bunkhouse to Hearts of Gold for their refuge.

The name Hoffman's Rescue Ranch reflected both Will's work with horses and the Hearts of Gold rescues without being explicit about the latter.HOG21

Will and Jennifer moved in early in December 2004. After Christmas they brought Robin and some horses from the Bar H Bar. Robin was paid help around the house and with the horses while finishing high school.HOG23