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The Bar H Bar is the name and brand of the Hoffman family ranch, a small cattle ranch about fifty miles from Ely, Nevada. It was originally owned by Shirley Hoffman's father and came to her and her husband Carl by 1947. They raised their three children on the ranch, despite tough times that required her to work part-time in Nevada's illegal-at-the-time brothels.

Shirley's husband Carl died in 1970 and her youngest son, Dave, was killed in Vietnam about the same time. That is when she switched from full-time rancher's wife and part-time prostitute towards more full-time work at Bettye's Ranch. Her other son Duane and his family took over the ranch, although it continued to be the center of the family's get-togethers, such as holidays.

The Bar H Bar is the scene of Will Hoffman's rescue by Jennlynn Swift after he was bitten by a poisonous snake. She and Shirley found him during a search in Magic Carpet and she flew him to Ely.MC5

Will Hoffman had a single room cabin built for Jennlynn Swift on Bar H Bar land.MC29 Following their marriage Jennlynn considered the cabin her home despite the fact she'd only spent a few days at a time there with Will. She used the cabin as a refuge to help Robin, a girl trapped in prostitution, to recover from drugs and a beating.HOG17 Once she had recovered enough, Ellen Hoffman took Robin back to the main ranch house for a few months.HOG18