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Cessna 150 on Wikipedia

The Cessna 150, with the tail number N23217,MC36 was Jennlynn Swift's first airplane, the little green and white Cessna.MC1 Jennlynn "discovered Magic Carpet -- the name came with the plane, lettered on the cowling -- down near San Diego at a price she figured she could afford in her second year at Caltech, around 1989.MC2 She bought it for $9500, and traded it in for the same amount a little over four years later when buying Soiled Dove, a Mooney Mark 21.MC14 In 2002 she discovered Magic Carpet at a used aircraft brokerage and bought it back for exactly the same amount, badly worn and needing serious repairs.MC36 Jennlynn had it restored (including a new paint job), and used it to depart her wedding.MC38

Real World Note

The Cessna 150's history is based on the 140 (see Rocinante) as an entry-level model in Cessna's product line. The 140 was a high-wing two-seat taildragger with fixed main landing gear, had cloth covered wings and either an 85 or 90 horsepower Continental 4 cylinder engine. About 7500 airplanes were made in about 4 years from 1946 to 1950.

The Cessna 150 is also a two-seat trainer but with metal-skinned wings, a tricycle landing gear and a 100 horsepower 4 cylinder Continental engine. It was first flown in 1957 and almost 24000 were made in the 19 years from 1958 to 1977.

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The later 152 model was in response to problems with the cheaper 80 or 87 octane fuel being used in the 150's Continental O-200A engine which was designed for 100 octane fuel. The 152 used the 150's fuselage coupled with a different engine, a Lycoming O-235. The 152 replaced the 150 from 1977 onward and remained in production until late 1985. The 150 and 152 were very popular airplanes for flight training and touring.