Alone Together Chapter 8

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Alone Together
Chapter 8 of 18
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Time frameJuly, 1997
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  • Sam Trott, identified in this chapter only as Sam


Tanisha and Jon learn about working at Lambdatron. They work on a voice activated faucet project, supervised by Jennlynn Swift. They are surprised to find out that Jennlynn works some weekends at the Redlite Ranch brothel in Nevada because she likes sex.

Another co-worker, Sam, confirms what they've been told, it's a lesson in the tolerant attitude in the company. Stan comes by and compliments them on their work, and invites them back for the following year. He wants to have a say in what courses they take. Stan learns of their estrangement from their families, and suggests a way to try and relieve the pressure on Tanisha by sending a photo of her and Jim Geletzke to her father. They drive over to San Bernadino to phone their families to see how things are, Tanisha starts off OK with her Dad but ends up arguing with him.

Jon's phone call is just as bad, and his father tells him to forget about the $10,000 tuition grant from Hadley-Monroe. He plans to call Karin on Monday to see if the Heller-Aller grant is still an option.

During the course of the summer they have started exercising, including running, knowing that they need to get in better shape than they were up until then.

Part of this chapter is repeated from a different viewpoint in Chapter 22 of Magic Carpet.