Alone Together Chapter 7

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Alone Together
Chapter 7 of 18
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Time frameMay 1997
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Jon and Tanisha arrive in Phoenix on Sunday and move into their rental apartment. They scout the way to Lambdatron (in Tempe, a suburb of Phoenix) for the drive to work. Tanisha admits that she doesn't know much about cooking, and Jon, who doesn't know much either, agrees to help with meals.

On Monday morning, dressed in standard business attire, they arrive at their new workplace. Everyone is wearing outrageous T-Shirts; they are confused until it is explained that "Tasteless T-shirt Thursdays" is Lambdatron's version of a weekly dress-down day.

Molly leads them through a lot of new-hire paperwork, and they meet Jim (Griz) Geletzke and then Stan Warshawski, who introduces them to the Lambdatron unofficial motto of "Break the Paradigm" and explains about how most employees are shareholders in the company.

Jim walks them over to the office that they will be using for the summer, and when he mentions that he went through Georgia Tech on an athletic scholarship, Jon remembers how his name was mentioned from time to time by the football broadcaster. There are four desks in their office, and Jim mentions that there were supposed to be two other interns, but one had been hurt in a car accident and the other had taken a job closer to home in Illinois. When Jon realizes that the last one was now working as a draftsman at Hadley-Monroe, he started laughing his head off, saying "The poor, poor bastard. No Tasteless T-shirt Thursdays either."