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Tempe is a real location.   It is a suburb southeast of downtown Phoenix, which is in the south-western corner of the state of Arizona.
The 2010 population was just under 162 thousand.

Tempe was known as Hayden's Ferry during the territorial times of Arizona.

In the Spearfish Lake Tales universe you find that Lambdatron, the fictional R&D company that is a major location in several books including Magic Carpet, Alone Together and Growing Together is based in Tempe, although a few instances in the books have it in Phoenix.

Lambdatron employs, among others, Tanisha Blythe, Jon Chladek, Stan Warshawski, Sam Trott, Maureen Trott, Jim "Griz" Geletzke, Angela Morton and Molly.

Jon and Tanisha Blythe, the primary characters in Alone Together and Growing Together, rent an apartment in Tempe whilst working over the summer at Lambdatron, and then rent a town house once they move to the area permanently. When Tanisha turns up pregnant they purchase a house in Tempe not far from Lambdatron. Their friends Ben and Joy Russell purchase the house next door.