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Hadley-Monroe is a (fictional) engineering firm in Glen Ellyn, IL, specializing in machine tools. Their laser-controlled die cutter was once state-of-the-art and Pete Chladek was on the team that developed it around 1974.

Jon Chladek worked there as a summer job in High School. "Mostly drafting, although I got into applications a little last summer."AT01 Pete had arranged for Jon to work there again, but Jon was offered a better job by Lambdatron.

The personnel director in 1997 was a Mr. Mulcahy (no first name given). Jon described the office of the president there as "large, neat as a pin, and filled with expensive furniture; the president always wore an expensive Italian suit." which contrasted sharply with Lambdatron.AT07

In the summer of 1998, Hadley-Monroe contracted with Lambdatron for a Laser Die Cutter Controller Unit Redesign. It worked so well they subsequently returned for a screw controller redesign and a bench shaper controller.

Pete Chladek went to Japan with Phil Wine to consult with a company there about adapting older die-cutter machinery to the new controller. While there Pete's verbal abuse prompted Phil to quit Hadley-Monroe entirely. Pete won't be eligible for retirement until 2009.