Phil Wine

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Phil Wine
Male silhouette.png
Birth date1965
Birth placeArvada Center
SpouseBrandy Evachevski

Phil Wine is from Arvada Center and graduated in spring, 1983. He had taken Alison Blevens to the prom. Phil went to college at Michigan Tech while Alison sent to Western State, so they broke up.

At college he met Brandy Evachevski. Phil was set to return to his High School job the next summer back in Willow Lake, part time for the feed mill delivering fertilizers, when Brandy got him a better offer. The pair work for a couple summers with her Uncle Rod at an archaeological dig in Montana.

Phil wrote the initial proof-of-concept demonstration software for Brandy's Magnetic Resonance ("Magres") system. As Brandy built a career around her Magres, Phil joined Hadley-Monroe as a salesman and technical rep. They maintained a home in Spearfish Lake, but both spent most of their time out of the country, so are only together a small proportion of the year.

During the winter of 1993, the dog sled bug bit Phil hard enough that he became a third member of the Run-8 team of mushers. Since he couldn't keep dogs, he supported Josh and Tiffany Archer, even going to Alaska with them as a spectator at Wasilla and finding a pair of experienced dogs for them. In his rookie year on the 1993 Warsaw Run, he took second place, just beating out Greg Mears.

In 1999 Phil quits Hadley-Monroe after spending time in Japan with Pete Chladek. Despite not having a job, he and Brandy are very well off. "Well, Brandy and I don't like to wave it in other peoples' faces. And we tend to be a little cheap in some ways, anyway, but never on anything that counts. That's why we're in a five-year-old car, and why we live in a small neighborhood house. We aren't exactly in a class with Jennifer and Blake, but we don't have to worry, either."FtS39

Phil ran the year 2000 Iditarod Dog Sled Race. Brandy had quit her job and over Spring Break 2000, they finally marry in a wedding in the living room of their home with the mayor officiating. His old High School friend Candice Howard from Arvada Center was there. Josh Archer was Best Man and Tara Evachevski bridesmaid.

When Brandy is handed the Principal's job at Spearfish Lake High School in early August 2010BOF2 Phil provides suppport and good ideas. He was the one who suggested she speak to Rick Kulwicki about coaching.BOF6