Rick Kulwicki

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Rick Kulwicki
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SpouseBarbara Kulwicki

Rick Kulwicki was a former pro footballer, he played tackle for the Packers. His nickname was "Rick the Rock". He bought the Pike Bar from Mable Hargraves.BOF6 His wife's name was Barbara.BOF29

Phil Wine suggested that Brandy approached him to become Spearfish Lake High School football coach when she was preparing to fire Jerome Weilfahrt.BOF6 When the firing became public knowledge some of his customers suggested he offer to help.BOF26

He agreed to help as "Strictly volunteer, and on an emergency basis"BOF11 and before the first practice had recruited Mitch Reardon, former halfback for the Rams, to coach offence on the same basis.BOF26

In his first three years he coached the team to successively the regional championship game,RFW13 the divisional championship game,RFW30 and the state champioship final.RFW38